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Letting go of who you should be and become who you really are…

We live in a fast paced world full of expectations and we can’t help but get caught in this flow. A world full of scarcity, where we must get what we can before someone else gets it. We must follow the rules to be a “good” person and at the same time break them if we want to reach the top. Many of us believe this is it, this is the reality, it’s what life is all about.

We live life like it’s a race, hoping to find fulfilment and happiness at the finish line. How can we be truly happy if we don’t feel worthy, to do what we want, at the pace we want and be who we want to be.

This everyday “race” is disconnecting us from real life. Life is not tomorrow, it’s not later, it’s NOW! Fulfilment & happiness is found here and NOW, it’s not found at the finish line, it’s found in the journey. Happiness is inside us when we are on our true path.

We can experience happiness when we slow down and live life at our pace without worrying about others expectations. Happiness is a choice and the only choice to keep us healthy. Let’s make this choice today, enjoy this moment, be grateful for what we have, stop worrying about the past that has gone and the future that is not yet here. So let’s, let go of all these expectations, of other people’s perceptions and start building our own life.

Important reminders for you to apply every day:

  1. You have the power to be who you want to be, live the live you want to live and to heal yourself.
  2. The past is a powerful tool. Stop regretting and make the switch from “what was I thinking” to “what was I learning”.
  3. The future isn’t real. Stop worrying about it as it’s not here, and concentrate your energy into action now.

If you feel you have been pretending for too long, fitting in those around you without listening to yourself, NOW is the time to change! The power to change is within you, it’s in your soul.

In your true nature you are vast, uncontained, undefinable… 

You are bigger than the sky, deeper than the ocean… 

You are the sky, you are the ocean… 

You are a light being experiencing life in the infinite Universe… 

Not only are you in the Universe… 

The Universe is in you!” 

I love these words! So powerful. If we look deeply we understand that this is the truth. Our nature is infinite, our soul is indestructible. Our limits are only in our mind. When we become aware of our inner power nothing can stop us.

A drop of water entering the ocean, could feel small and powerless, when united with it’s true nature “the ocean”. Like us, it could feel scared… to get lost in that big space. With some awareness we will soon understand it’s not about getting lost in the big ocean but becoming the ocean. Like the drop of water, with a change of mindset our energy can unlock our true power.

As an energetic healer I can show you how to bring awareness into your life and unlock the infinite power within you. You are a light being ready to shine, you just forgot your true nature. By connecting to “The Higher Self” you will finally discover who you really are, what path you should be on and where you want to go. This mindset will help you find your direction and the strength to follow it. I won’t heal you, you will heal yourself. It might not be easy, but it will be fulfilling and rewarding to see your life changing by simply believing in yourself.

By Simona Zedda

Simona’s reason for studying Nutrition, Herbalism, Reiki and Yoga has been in the first place for self-understanding and self-healing. She now thrives on helping people to experience the joy she found with health and the feeling of control in her life.

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