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My ASMR Meditation class is in The Guardian!

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“Our class is led by Paul Selvey, an experienced yoga teacher. He explains sensitively that the class isn’t just a wellness word salad with zeitgeist sprinkles. The tingly, deeply relaxing sensation of ASMR perfectly complements a yoga nidra relaxation practice. Selvey usually teaches a combination of vinyasa flow, yin and sattva kriya.”

“We connect to our breath. We vocalise in Sanskrit, while looking in different directions with our eyes closed. All the while, Selvey whispers instructions. Yoga nidra uses spoken guidance to access deep “interiority”, and these soothing susurrations are an effective delivery system.”

“I feel as if I’m in a lucid dream, vaguely aware of stopping off at my heart, navel and assorted other chakras. It’s like being drunk on a night bus and waking up in nirvana.”

“I like it. It’s an introverted practice in an extroverted world. It rewards those who pay attention to little things, who find their bliss in Blakeian miniature. Stillness, sensitivity and listening are good for the nervous system and the soul.”

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By Paul Selvey

Paul has practised Yoga for over two decades and taught Yoga full time for 8 years. With 1000+ hours of advanced teacher training he shapes a mix of movement, breathing, kriya, sound therapy and meditation techniques to suit his students, from beginner to advanced.

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