Our retreats are all-inclusive, but you may want to bring some foreign currency in-case of an emergency or perhaps you want to buy presents, souvenirs, things for yourself and give tips.

Most larger stores should accept credit/debit card but smaller more local stores, or market stalls are likely to only take cash.


Best way to change money

If you want foreign currency you can change before you leave your home country, or bring your local currency (pounds sterling/dollars/euros) and change locally while in your destination country.


Changing money at the airport

Airports are usually expensive to change cash with bad exchange rates. You are likely to get a better deal either in your destination town/city or home country.



It can work out expensive to change cash with an ATM. There should be ATM’s in the town but first check your bank does not charge a fee. The local ATM is also likely to charge a usage fee.