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We are eager to support you. See below a list of frequently asked questions. If they do not answer your query, please reach-out to us directly. We will get back to you as quick as possible.

  • How do I access on-demand videos?

    To access on-demand videos simple follow the steps below.

    1. Choose and register your plan with this link:
    2. Once paid head to the on-demand section of our website:

    From here you can use the search function and filters to find a class that suits you. Play as many videos as you wish for the duration of your pass/subscription.

  • What is Yin Yoga?

    Yin yoga will fast-track physical flexibility. During a Power Flow Yoga™ Yin Yoga class you will breathe and meditate to help calm a busy mind and release stress. Holding passive yoga poses for several minutes to stretch deep tissue and gain flexibility. Yin yoga classes are suitable for all levels.

  • What is Gentle Yoga?

    Gentle Yoga is a slower simpler class for those that want to mobilise their body or release aches & pains. Calm the mind and take a break from a stressful life. Gentle yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Ideal for beginners.

  • Is Power Flow Yoga™ hard?

    Power Flow Yoga™ can be a tough yoga class if you want it to be. However there are always options for beginners and Paul encourages you to work at your level with no competition. When online if you want Paul to keep an eye on you just position your camera so he can see you clearly. If not feel free to keep your camera off.

  • What is the difference between Power Flow Yoga™ and Vinyasa Yoga?

    Power Flow Yoga™ is very similar to Vinyasa Yoga but hold poses longer for greater strength and often uses repetitive movements or kriyas to build/release energy in the body. Pranayama is used to amplify the effects of yoga asanas.

  • Can beginners do Power Flow Yoga?

    Power Flow Yoga™ classes are designed to suit you where you are right now. There is a class for everyone: beginner, athlete, working with injuries or disabilities. Power Flow Yoga™ is a strong yoga class that can suit strong beginners. However, if you are a complete beginner, or feel out of shape, we suggest you start with Gentle Yoga or Seated Yoga. Both available on-demand and often live online using zoom.

  • What is Power Flow Yoga?

    Power Flow Yoga™ is a strong yoga style designed to build strength and realign the body. You are likely to get hot & sweaty, become fit and strong. Based on Ashtanga yoga but holding poses for longer and often using repetitive movements or kriyas to build/release energy in the body.

  • I have a subscription but can’t access on-demand classes

    Please check the videos you would like to view are include in your plan.

    All-Inclusive and Unlimited plans should be able to view the whole on-demand library. Limited plans will only be able to view the plan they are subscribed to.

    Please contact us if this does not fix your issue.

  • On-demand video playback issues

    Video playback issues

    The first step is to make sure you are using our suggested browser Google Chrome. Please use Chrome for seamless video interaction. If you do not have Chrome click here to download and instal:

    If you still experience playback issues please take the below steps:

    1. First check your internet speed or go closer to the router.

    2. Make sure the playback quality is set to auto, or a lower resolution.


    Video stops playing

    If the video stops playing with a spinning wheel and will not progress:

    1. Take note of the time the class stopped (e.g. 22:05).

    2. Exit the class and refresh the web page.

    3. Go back to the class and play from the point it stopped.

    4. If you still have problems try using a different browser, Chrome is recommended.

    Please report all issues to Power Flow Yoga using the support email in your booking confirmation or contact us.

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