Yoga Retreat Essaouira, Morocco

7 days, Re-charge, Ree-juvenate, & Reee-lax.

Our magical yoga retreat Essaouira in Morocco back in October 2023. Such a wonderful group and great memories.

This was a detox retreat aimed at Re-charging, Ree-juvenating, & Reee-laxing. Full of massages and healthy juices, we even had our own hammam. We ate a healthy mix of raw vegan/vegetarian anti-inflammatory, detoxifying whole foods. Daily beauty care and wellness treatments with workshops to create own daily care all-natural facials. The detox was great for most but one or two didn’t find the process pleasant.¬†However everybody left glowing and less inflamed.

We invited a surprise band for the last night and had a wonderful evening dancing to latin & reggae music around the pool.

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