How do I book a retreat?

If we do not know you yet We would like to get to know you so we can form like-minded groups. To do this please fill out the contact form above and let us know as much about you as you can. Feel free to share social media or get on a chat with us. […]

Are flights included?

Flights are not included Our pre-paid taxi will collect you and deliver you and your luggage to the villa, and back to the airport on the last day. See our “getting there” tab for suggested flights. Once your flights are booked, please let us know your flight numbers and arrival/departure times so we can organise […]

Is this retreat suitable for beginners?

Yes our yoga retreats are suitable for beginners There will be options for all-levels from beginners to advanced yogis. Paul is very experienced at keeping everybody safely challenged at their level.

Will I need foreign currency?

Our retreats are all-inclusive, but you may want to bring some foreign currency in-case of an emergency or perhaps you want to buy presents, souvenirs, things for yourself and give tips. Most larger stores should accept credit/debit card but smaller more local stores, or market stalls are likely to only take cash.   Best way […]