Private yoga classes

Perfect your yoga, meditation and breathing practise, with Paul looking after you every step of the way. Private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home, in the park, gym, office or at your place. 

Tailored to you

Deepen your practice with one-to-one private yoga classes, corporate and private small group yoga sessions. We have many private 1-2-1 yoga class themes available. All tailored for you, where you are at right now.

1-2-1 private yoga

Fast-track your practice with 1-2-1 yoga sessions. We will set a course plan to get you on your way to a deeper practice.

With my full attention, you will receive clear instructions with demonstrations where necessary.


We start with a questionnaire to build your class plan, so we can focus our time together in your session.


In each class we will focus on your goal. Anything from learning to relax/meditate to finding better alignment, flexibility or strength.


I will give you feedback and ‘homework’ for you to practise and improve until our next session.

corporate private yoga

Promote wellness for your teams optimum physical & mental health. Gaining motivation and reducing sickness.

UK businesses lose almost 30 million working days every year due to physical & mental health issues. The key to having healthy, motivated and loyal staff, is being an organisation that cares.

Bring your global/national teams together with live online private classes.

Private classes available to suit your time and duration. Corporate Private Yoga classes are currently available online.

group private yoga

Small group Private Yoga classes. Practice Yoga / Meditation / Breathing together within your own own closed group.

Perhaps you want to stay in contact with friends that have moved away. Or it’s difficult for you all to be in the same place at the same time. Catch-up as regularly as you wish, and even stay and chat after class.

Simply share the private class fee, this could work out much cheaper than a gym or studio membership.

There is almost no limit to the numbers who can attend with the maximum being 100 people.

The private yoga classes below are available for you to chose from.

Classes suggestions

1-2-1 Private yoga classes are tailored for 1 to 20 people, simply share the fee. Maybe you want to get fit, strong, learn how to relax, sleep better or cope with a stressful life. If you are not sure what you want, but are called to discover more, contact Paul to discuss your requirements/goals. He can help put you on a path to wellness.

As a guide, we have listed some popular classes below.

15hrs – level 1
15hrs – level 1Yoga foundation course
1hr Workshop
1hr WorkshopMindfulness
5hrs course level 1
5hrs course level 1Pranayama
5hrs course level 2
5hrs course level 2Pranayama
5hrs course level 3
5hrs course level 3Pranayama
Balancing poses
Balancing posesAlignment perfection
Beginners Yoga
Beginners YogaAsana classes
Breath awareness meditation
Breath awareness meditationMeditation
Breath reduction meditation
Breath reduction meditationMeditation
Breathing to alkaline your body
Breathing to alkaline your bodyPranayama
1 / 512345

Private class prices

Either book in-person or online. Paul is usually in London during the UK Summer months or travelling somewhere nearer the equator in the UK colder months.

Book a class pack of 5 classes and save 10% off the total price, or 20% off with the All-Inclusive subscription.

Private Classes
Tailored To You

Book a private yoga class tailored to nurture your unique journey towards balance and well-being

Private Classes


DurationIndividual5 class block
30 mins£40£180
45 mins£50£225
60 mins£60£270
1:15 mins£70£315
1:30 mins£80£360

Private Classes


DurationIndividual5 class block
30 mins£70£315
45 mins£80£360
60 mins£90£405
1:15 mins£100£450
1:30 mins£110£495

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Let's tailor a private class

Fill out the enquiry form or contact Paul to discuss your requirements / goals.

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