Square breathing – 20mins

pranayama to meditation

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first we breathe

In this class we use Square breathing pranayama to clear the mind and settle the emotions. The breath is a very powerful way to ground our energy, preparing us for concentration and eventually meditation.

When we are healthy, our bodies systems support each other in perfect harmony; nervous, immune, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive etc… They function autonomously, one could not exist without the other. The only system we can control, if we want to, is the breath. You could say breath is the most important function of our body. If you master control of the breath, you master your mind, body and emotions. Conversely if you let the breath behave automatically, it can endorse stress, make you more anxious or nervous.

then we concentrate

Once our body, mind and emotions are quiet and energised we concentrate. All meditation techniques are actually concentration techniques. On the other side of concentration is meditation.

then meditation finds us

Don’t try to find meditation, it just happens. Maybe you don’t even realise it’s happened, you just notice time has gone fast or slow. Going through the stages one by one, to allow you to go deeper and deeper. Over time finding a state of true peace and calm within yourself. In the state of meditation, bringing deep knowledge and wisdom into your life.

We have many different meditation techniques so you can adapt and change methods as your practice develops. The aim of these classes is for you to; feel the benefits, form a habit, and ultimately develop your own meditation self practise.

if you are new to meditation

If you are new to meditation please let Paul know and he can suggest and guide you through a technique that might suit you best. The meditations below assume you already know how to perform the specialist breathing and concentration techniques. If you book a private meditation class you are more likely to practise more deeply.

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