ASMR Meditation – 45mins

sleep meditation

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ASMR Meditation – Sleep

For your deepest experience find a quiet place and use headphones. Either sit on a chair, or cross-legged/kneeling on a Yoga block/cushion. Have a place to lay down, either; a Yoga mat, bed or sofa. Try not to use a pillow when laying down to keep your neck and spine straight.

As with all Tantric Yoga practices try to let yourself go. Lose your conditional jacket, we all wear a jacket of protection to save us from humiliation or embarrassment. So let your mind, thoughts and judgement go and dissolve into the practice. All of these practices are meditative, relaxing and designed to encourage rest, decrease anxiety and stress.


ASMR is a magical unexplained phenomena which brings some people tingles down the spine. It helps people to meditate, find deep relaxation, sleep better and switch off. Through the class Paul uses whispering and other specialist ASMR sounds. For your deepest experience wear headphones.


We hum to activate the brain, bringing vibration to our cells and feeling the resonance of the voice in our whole brain to prepare/sensitise our minds. We are also activating our meridian points giving us access to go deep into the subconscious. It doesn’t need to be loud just feel the vibration. If you have not practised Bhramari before please watch the “how to” video below.

Brain Kriya

A powerful Kriya that encourages our brain to communicate with itself better and encouraging optimal brain health. Encouraging each cortex of the brain to re-wire and build new neural connections. This Kriya has been used after surgery or brain damage to encourage repair with exceptional results. Beneficial for ADHD, brain repair and disorders/injuries. If you have not practised the Brain Kriya before please watch the “how to” video below.

AMSR Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra translates literally as Yogic Sleep. It is a state of being all of it’s own. Somewhere between deep sleep and Meditation. It may feel like sleep but the mind is fully awake, with no thoughts, in a place of peace, in contact with your subconscious.

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