on-demand help


Simply choose your class and take the two steps below.

The class begins after a 1 min introduction

Many classes have automatically generated subtitles.

Simply press the “cc” button and turn them on when required.

For the finest quality it is recommended set to auto (unchanged).

However if you are using your phone, try setting to the minimum to reduce your mobile data usage.

Once you have heard the class introduction at least once feel free to skip forward to the class start.

If you are in a rush or need to finish early, use the chapter button to skip into Savasana or Yoga Nidra.

password not working?

First make sure not to copy any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the password, or it will not work.

If the password still does not work please contact us  and we will send a new one.

playback issues?

If your chosen video does not play correctly using your default browser, please try using Chrome:

If you do not have Chrome click here to download and instal:


If you experience playback issues please take the below steps:

1. First check your internet speed or go closer to the router.

2. Make sure the playback quality is set to auto, or a lower resolution.

If the video stops playing with a spinning wheel and will not progress:

1. Take note of the time the class stopped (e.g. 22:05).

2. Exit the class and refresh the web page.

3. Go back to the class and play from the point it stopped.

4. If you still have problems try using a different browser, Chrome is recommended.

Please report all issues to hello@powerflowyoga.co.uk.