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by Paul Selvey founder of Power Flow Yoga


I always wondered why Yogis make cult like repetitive sounds, it’s all a bit strange and freaky. Even the AUM at the end of class was something I said I’d never do. Now I know more about it, I chant most days and love the benefits chanting brings.

Mantras are repetitive sounds used to penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind and adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being. Mantras are practiced by chanting aloud, silently with the voice in your mindor by listening to them.

The meaning of a mantra is not important at first, but try to have an intention while chanting, something you want to bring to yourself or others. After a time, you can find Mantra’s that bring a specific energy to you. Mantras can be chanted in any language, however certain languages are designed to have a deeper impact by creating targeted vibrations through our energetic body.

Helps focus attention

Often we sit down to meditate and we notice how busy our mind is, jumping from thought to thought, making it difficult to focus our attention. Chanting gives the busy mind a focal point. Mantras produce a rhythm that is easy for the mind and body to follow. If the mind wanders out of the meditative state, mantra can help bring it back.

Helps release emotion

Chanting is an excellent way to let go of blocked emotions through the throat and heart chakras, releasing emotion through self-expression. At the very least it can be calming/relaxing.

Aligns your vibration

All sound affects the cells in your body. The vibrations from mantras have the power to rearrange your molecular structure. Each sound has a distinct vibration/frequency, and as a result, each mantra has a slightly different effect.

The power of chanting

Mantras are not mystical phrases that bring supernatural powers. Within us we already have the power to change, so it’s a focus for your attention on your intention. Everything you do is coming from a drive in your deep subconscious. Thoughts, feelings, words, and actions impact your consciousness. Chanting a mantra tunes you into the experience of a particular mantra. This alignment allows you to experience this vibration by becoming the vibration. The more sensitive you are, the deeper you will experience the effects. Also, the longer and more focused you chant the mantra, the more impact it will have on your consciousness.

Chanting shares many benefits of pranayama because we are controlling the breath and breathing deeper.


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

There are 1000’s of mantras, some very simple and others very complex. A Buddhist Mantra “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” is a great Mantra to get started.

This helps soothe our troubled minds, removing our perception of suffering, grief, hardship and pain, and replacing them with peace.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is a vow, an expression of determination, to embrace and manifest our Buddha nature and have faith in our unlimited potential. It is a pledge to never hold onto difficulties, winning over suffering.

The chant translates roughly to “I devote myself to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra”, but as I already said, the meaning is not as important as practicing with your intention.

Try this for 3-5 minutes daily at first and then anything up to 2 hours a day. See if you can bring positive change into your life.

By Paul Selvey

Paul has practised Yoga for over two decades and taught Yoga full time for 8 years. With 1000+ hours of advanced teacher training he shapes a mix of movement, breathing, kriya, sound therapy and meditation techniques to suit his students, from beginner to advanced.

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