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No obligation to continue.
Your free week all-inclusive pass includes:

  • Access to the Whole On-Demand Video Library 
  • Free Live Online Classes


Change/cancel this plan anytime within My Account/Subscriptions. Your subscription will continue until cancelled. Monthly subscriptions require a minimum of 28 days notice to end the deal.

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You'll be charged £0.00 today then £39.00 monthly starting 21 Jul, 2024.
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On-demand terms & conditions

See this page for on-demand yoga terms and conditions.

Also see:
Yoga retreat terms and conditions page
Yoga class terms and conditions page


On-demand yoga subscriptions

All on-demand membership subscriptions are validated by regular monthly payments on a specific date. Failure to pay a monthly subscription on an agreed date does not constitute the end to our agreement.

To end a membership subscription agreement you are required to give notice. The notice period is the duration of the membership deal you signed up for. For example, a monthly subscription has a notice period of one calendar month. Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


On-demand account access

Your personal on-demand password is not transferable. Do not share your password with anyone. If activity on your account is compromised it may lead to your account being frozen.

In the unlikely event of a Power Flow Yoga website failure or inhibited access to on-demand classes. A daily extension will be applied to your account from the day this is reported by you to Power Flow Yoga.


On-demand free week

The on-demand free week offer gives access to the whole on-demand video library as well as free access to live online classes using zoom. The free week offer reflects the all inclusive subscription. You can change your plan anytime and there is no obligation to continue after your free trial. The free week offer is a one time offer per person.



You are required to read our On-demand yoga safety & information before you practice any on-demand yoga class.