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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

For some time I have wanted to create a workshop or specialist class that creates a noticeable positive effect on the brain in a simple way. Throughout my 826 hours of Yogic studies I have learnt and taught many meditation techniques. Techniques work  for some people and for others they don’t, it’s very personal. Just as you think you have a break through it changes. Let’s face it meditation is not easy, it can even make you more anxious if you don’t get it.

ASMR is triggered by sounds of whispering voices, tearing, crinkling, crunching and scalp massage, too name just a few. I didn’t realise it was a thing until recently when Gymbox approached me to create a class based around it. After lots of research, YouTube videos and podcasts, I felt ASMR could help me go beyond a standard meditation class. I have experienced ASMR all my life. From a young age, I have experience tingles down the back of my neck when at the barbers, the snipping of the scissors or clippers around my ears was somehow soothing and relaxing, almost meditative. ASMR significantly reduces the heart rate, an average 3.14 beats per minute. It increases positive emotions including relaxation and feelings of social connection. 

I am not aware of anyone combining meditation with ASMR before, so this was a creative experiment for both Gymbox and myself. After research and trials we decided on whispering instruction through individual silent disco headsets. The hyper sensitive microphone picks up the most subtle noises, you can even hear the movement of my tongue in my mouth. The use of headphones help dull outside noises and distractions, they also make the experience very personal. There is no feeling of self-consciousness as nobody can hear you. We make as much noise as we want and it’s only you that can hear your own voice and vibration. We use sound mixing equipment to punctuate the instruction with more ASMR effects. The class uses ancient Yogic techniques focused on the brain such as Humming and Kriya, leading onto a special ASMR Yoga Nidra. Any of these techniques individually are powerful, together they are mind blowing! You could even call it a Braingasmic!

This class was created to make meditation accessible for all. Simply follow the guided whisper. It’s easy to fully surrender to the experience, you can go deep the very first time you take the class. Losing your thoughts as we delve deep into your subconscious. It’s so rewarding to see people arrive to class straight from work having got through the busy London rush hour traffic and transform to such a peaceful state in just 45 mins. People are extremely calm, peaceful, maybe a bit sleepy. Everybody’s eyes change shape at the end of the class, tension completely drops away from their faces.

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By Paul Selvey

Paul has practised Yoga for over two decades and taught Yoga full time for 8 years. With 1000+ hours of advanced teacher training he shapes a mix of movement, breathing, kriya, sound therapy and meditation techniques to suit his students, from beginner to advanced.

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