Power Flow Yoga™
Founded by master yoga teacher Paul Selvey with over two decades of yoga, breathing and meditation experience. Strong, soft, energetic & calm.

Power Flow Yoga™

Yoga for everyone

A combination of: Ashtanga inspired vinyasa yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga, sattva yoga, yin yoga, seated yoga, tantra, kriya, pranayama, yoga nidra, sound healing and meditation. Keeping your body strong, healthy and pain free. Encouraging your mind to be calm, allowing you to appreciate life fully.

Yoga classes to suit you where you are right now. There is a class for everyone: beginner, athlete, working with injuries or disabilities. 

Practise via zoom with live online weekly power flow yoga, gentle yoga and yin yoga classes. Or anytime that suit your schedule with an extensive on-demand yoga video library, 100’s of yoga classes coving many styles and levels. 

You can catch Paul in-person when he is in London or at one of his all-inclusive Yoga Retreats. 

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What is the difference

Live online & on-demand

What is the difference between live online Yoga and on-demand Yoga? Both are taught in the privacy of your home, on your mobile, iPad, laptop or smart TV. 

Live online Yoga is taught with Paul keeping an eye on you in real time over a zoom meeting. You need to show up and be there at a particular time. 

On-demand Yoga are pre-recorded videos to play whenever suits your schedule. 

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power, gentle, yin, seated…

Many yoga styles

Whatever your experience, age or ability there are classes for you.

A slower simpler class for those that want to mobilise their body or release aches & pains. Calm the mind and take a break from a stressful life. Gentle yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Ideal for beginners.

Strong yoga classes to build strength and realign the body. You are likely to get hot & sweaty. Become fit, strong and feel great about yourself. Power flow yoga classes are suitable for all levels with options for strong beginners.

Fast-track flexibility, breathe and meditate to help cope with a stressful life. Holding passive yoga poses for several minutes to stretch deep tissue and gain flexibility. Yin yoga classes are suitable for all levels.

Gently energise & calm the whole body from the fingers & toes to the top of the head. Ideal for the elderly, people who are working with an injury or difficulty moving on a Yoga mat. All seated yoga classes finish with a guided yoga nidra meditation.

Quickie yoga classes are a great way to start the day, or mood changer any time of the day. Try to find just 15mins everyday six days per week and you will see big differences.

Three levels to choose from to encourage a daily yoga practice to match your mood.

Power Boost: based on Power Flow Yoga
Wake-Up: based on Gentle Yoga
Quick Stretch: based on Yin Yoga

We have many more styles of Yoga to explore feel free to speak with Paul for more information.

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Meet Your Hosts

Our yoga retreat team

Paul and his partner Simona hold 2-3 yoga retreats per year. They travel to amazing places most of the year and love to share their discoveries. Always in a different country, immersing in the local culture and nature. All yoga retreats are all inclusive and every retreat has a different yoga theme.

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Paul Selvey

Founder of Power Flow Yoga™

Paul has practised Yoga for over two decades and taught Yoga full time for 8 years. With 1000+ hours of advanced teacher training he shapes a mix of movement, breathing, kriya, sound therapy and meditation techniques to suit his students, from beginner to advanced. Teaching from experience, his approach is scientific using proven techniques. He believes yoga has many branches to hold you when you are ready for them.

Yoga asana

A strong focus on alignment to keep you safe from injury. However Paul believes the journey to the Yoga pose is more important than reaching perfect alignment. His classes are set to a complementary soundtrack and all finish with one of his many meditation techniques in Savasana.

Breathing & meditation

Paul has an incredibly calming voice but can also muster high energy when it suits. Leading pranayama & meditations with great knowledge and guides his students to understand the science of each step to find true peace and calm. He teaches to a very high level with dozens of breathing & meditation techniques. When you think you have mastered a technique, he then takes you deeper and deeper into your practice. Using Pranayama, in just a few minutes, Paul can help his students energise or relax, leaving them buzzing with energy or settled into deep rest.


Paul has helped many people become pain free from physical injuries or tightness in their body. He has also helped people evolve from mental illness changing the way they see themselves and the world around them. Encouraging a regular practice to build positive healing energy little-by-little.

Where to find Paul

Find Paul 24/7 with his extensive on-demand Yoga video library and he also teaches regular live online classes. When in London for the UK summer Paul teaches in-person classes and also at his Yoga Retreats. Teaching styles include: Ashtanga style Vinyasa Yoga, Power Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Tantra, Kriya, Sattva Yoga, Seated Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra.

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Simona Zedda

Reiki healer, nutrition & energy coach

Simona’s reason for studying Nutrition, Herbalism, Reiki and Yoga has been in the first place for self-understanding and self-healing. She now thrives on helping people to experience the joy she found with health and the feeling of control in her life. The importance of understanding and accepting yourself with your qualities and flaws where you are now, are Simona’s main beliefs for your healing and growth. 


After relocating to the UK, Simona developed a strong desire to make tasty & flavoursome Italian dishes healthier. Her obsession led her to discover new technics and combinations to help achieve great health in & out. She can help guide you to find your best targeted food plan to suit your needs & desires. Her better nutrition plan can help improve you physically and boost your immunity & mental health.


Born & raised in Italy, it’s all about food: taste, colour, texture and nutrition. Her passion for food started early in life with all her immediate family being chef quality gastronomic experts. Simona is always fully involved in the meal planning at the yoga retreats. Sometimes she will be planning, cooking and serving it on her own or depending in the occasion she will be accompanied by her fantastic team and some locals to bring the real experience of the country where the retreat is running. Menu are always chosen with great care and passion.


Most illnesses being part of nature, are curable with the help of nature. As our ancestors discovered over many millennia, we find nature gifts us simple effective remedies everyday.
Her studies include: herbal medicines, spices for your well-being, the power of plants, herbs & mushrooms, natural remedies in our homes and many more. Also qualified in making herbal facials and skin products without the use of chemicals.


Simona is in a direct line from the original USUI REIKI genealogical tree, receiving training master by master from Mikao Usui himself. She has completed all three levels and practices Reiki on herself and others ever since she started five years ago. This means she is qualified to work on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level.


Gifted with an impressively strong intuition, which allows Simona to identify problems not so clear to see on yourself. Her counselling is emotionally supportive on a personal level. She can help you decode the signs you receive and understand the reasons behind it. These discussions can help show you the way to make positive changes to your life rather than just being healed again and again.


Simona is 200h Yoga teacher specialising in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She also has a vast knowledge of Ayurveda, Meditation and Pranayama technics.